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Friday, October 15, 2004

at leeast it ain't the herp.

well, mia has the hivvies. and despite what wonder woman says, with all her feminist "all men are rapist in their own little way" rhetoric, i have never stuck it in her or anyone under 19 before (that malaysian prostitute SWORE she was legal, even in malaysia). mia probably got the hiv from the costa rican lt. colonel who offered to buy her from me during our vacation in cancun (apparently the exchange rate is one 16-year-old girl endowed with the perkiest of bossoms equals 15 gallons of third-world insecticide). anyway, it's not my problem, and connor's a monk, so we're probably good on this one. (however, it will be kinda icky to watch her wither and die from the inside out like an over-nuked hot pocket.)

btw, hawkman, if you're gonna rock the shirtless thing, at least shave your enormous pepperoni nipples. there's a fine line between overt masculinity and sasquatch-esque hirsuteness.