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Monday, February 28, 2005

super drinkin' buddies are GO!

well, thank fuck that hal jordan's on his way back. i shit you not, that man could pound some brews. it'll be nice to have someone in the tower who can drink like his nuts have dropped. kyle rayner drinks that smirnoff ice shit and gets drunk off of three of them. i like the kid, but he's yet to learn what it means to be a leaguer. AN OLD-SCHOOL LEAGUER, mind you. when hal gets back, maybe we'll take him out for a night of debauchery. the little boy could use some PBR and pullin' ho's. maybe we'll even tell him about the time we yanked diana's bra and took shots of jager out of it till we chundered.

btw, this for you HAWKMAN: the next time you criticize my taste in contemporary lit, i kick your ass. crystal? i mean, there i am, reading irvine welsh's filth, and mr. double-pep-nip comes in and starts lecturing me about moral degeneracy. i ken degenerates. i've given more jakeys a seein' tae than you ever have, silly wee lassie. (if you don't get the dialect, then you're a GOP fanny-licker like carter.)