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Thursday, March 24, 2005

ollie vs. george hamilton

during mia's one allotted hour on the internet per day (see a previous post for the trouble caused by a panamanian colonel and a poor understanding of rudimentary global economics), she stumbled across this. why the hell is my face so goddamn tan, while the rest of my body is roughly the same shade as the inside of an undercooked salmon filet? plus, where the fuck are my pants? "i modified the costume when i was a kid?" in order to, what, make me look a gay cabaret star? thanks, chefee831.

in watchtower news, the JSA stopped by for a weekend training session. they may very well be the most irritating fuckers known to man. that little black kid and his lil' john cd's at all hours (WHAT!), the atom smasher sneezing and accidentally growing to 25 feet tall and breaking the chandelier in the ball room, and hourman doing coke off of any flat surface in the watchtower (what did you think was in that hourglass, sand?) made the weekend pass slower than the nbc version of the office (which, by the way, is the most ill-conceived idea since t.j. hooker. it's far too british to ever be translatable).