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Friday, May 06, 2005

pink triangle on her sleeve let me know the truth

Roy'’s been kidnapped again. Huzzah. He gets his ass kicked by Slade, fucks up big with the Outsiders, and now he disappears from the smoking rubble of a bank. I raised that kid better than that.

Anyway, so yesterday I went into Mia’'s room to bitch at her for not cleaning out the lint trap on the dryer (AGAIN) after she used it. She'’s laying on her bed reading a very dog-eared copy of The Love Songs of Sappho. Huh. Well, I just assumed that this is the time in a young girl'’s life when she considers such things.

Me: So, uh, how'’s the book?

Her: It’s okay, I guess.

Me: Well, if you’re into the Sapphic mode, you should pick up some Catullus.

Her: I’'ll tell Connor.

Me: ?

Her: It’s his. I borrowed it from him. It’s kinda hard to read, cuz he’'s underlined a bunch of stuff and wrote all in the margins.

Oh. Goddamn.

I haven’t been this confused since I coached Power Girl’s softball team. I thought, “ya know, just because they'’re all, you know, doesn'’t mean they’'re all, you know Turns out, yeah. It did. I went home and listened to Weezer’'s "Pink Triangle"” on repeat for 45 minutes and got drunk on Rheingold.